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Japanese: VOSS-158 「VRにハマった息子が部屋から出てこない」という相談を受けたヤリマンママ友がこっそり部屋に忍び込み噂の性豪チ○ポで勝手に生ハメ筆おろし!1発では収まらずさらに股間を硬く勃起させるとママ友の家まで押しかけて失神するまで絶倫ピストン連続中出し!!

English: VOSS-158 Yariman Mama Friend Who Consulted That “the Son Addicted To VR Does Not Come Out Of The Room” Secretly Sneaks Into The Room And Rubs The Rumored Sexual Boyfriend Without Permission!If It Does Not Fit In One Shot And Erects The Crotch More Firmly, It Will Push Out To The Mom Friend’s House And Cum Out Of Continuous Piston Until It Faints! !

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