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Japanese: SW-666 ブルマ知ってる?もっと見たいんでしょエッチ。 お姉ちゃんが女子学生時代のブルマを見つけて、なつかしく面白がって穿いていたけど、ブルマ尻がキツキツパンパンでエロい!ブルマ尻にコスコスしたらお互いに発情した。

English: SW-666 Do You Know Bloomers? I Want To See More. My Sister Found A Bloomer When She Was A Female Student, And She Was Wearing It With Nostalgic Fun, But Her Ass Is Erotic With A Tight Bun! Established Each Other When They Cosplay In Bloomers Ass.

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