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Japanese: SCOP-554 汗でマキシワンピがピタッと張り付いたままのお姉さんをナンパするも玉砕!!どさくさにまぎれて媚薬を吹きかけてみたら即効反応し形勢逆転!!そのまま部屋に連れ込み媚薬絶頂中出しSEXに成功!!

English: SCOP-554 Maxi Dress Is Perspiring With Sweat It Strikes Her Sister Who Sticks To Herself Well Honorable! !If You Try To Spray Aphrodisiacs In A Brief Reaction, It Reacts Quickly And The Morphology Is Reversed! !Bathed In The Room As It Is Successfully Sexually Awesome Aphrodisiac Cum! !

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