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Japanese: HUNTA-480 酔っ払った親友の彼女が隠れキス魔でビックリ!!唾液まみれで糸引くほどの濃厚キスをしながらの高速騎乗位で連続爆イキで何度も中出し要求!!金欠になるとボクの家に来る親友と親友の彼女とボクの部屋で宅飲み!!彼氏に対する不満からなのか、いつも以上に酒が進む親友…

English: HUNTA-480 She Is Surprised By Her Dying Girlfriend’s Hiding Kiss Demon! !Request A Cum Shot Repeatedly With A Continuous Explosion Cum In A Fast Woman On Top While Drinking Thick Salute Covered With Saliva! !When I Am Out Of Money I Have A Drink At Home With My Best Friend And Best Friend Who Comes To My House! !I Am Dissatisfied With My Boyfriend, My Best Friend Who Drinks More Than Usual …

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