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Japanese: HUNTA-401 姉友が媚薬で発情!お風呂のガラス扉越しにお尻を張り付け挿入懇願!出会いのないボクが姉の家に転がり込んでみたら…女子大生の姉の友達が頻繁に泊まりに来るのでムラムラしまくり!だけど全く相手にされず生殺し状態!!悔し過ぎるボクはお風呂のお湯に媚薬を混入!…

English: HUNTA-401 An Elderly Estratory Esthetic With Aphrodisiac!Pleading Insertion Of The Butt Over The Glass Door Of The Bath!If I Do Not Meet You Rolling Into My Sister’s House … My Girls’ Sister’s Older Sister’s Friends Come To Stay Frequently, So I’m Going To Scramble!However, It Is Not Being Opponent At All And Slaying State! !I Regret Too I’ve Mixed Aphrodisiac In Hot Water In The Bath!…

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