Japanese: HUNTA-334 『失敗してもいいからエッチして欲しいんだけど…もちろん何してもいいし…とにかくエッチな事なんでもいいから勉強したいの』去年まで女子校だった学校に入学したら男性比率は5%で超少数!しかも偏差値激高の進学校だから皆頭が良い!!でも勉強ばかりしてきたから…

English: HUNTA-334 “I Want You To Make A Mistake Because I Do Not Mind … Of Course I Can Do Anything … I Want To Learn From Anything But It Is Anything But I Want To Learn Anyway.” If I Enter A School That Was A Girls School Until Last Year, The Ratio Of Men Is Over 5% A Few!Moreover, Everyone Is Smart Because It Is A High School With A Deviation Value Very High! It Is!But I’ve Only Studied …

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