Japanese: HUNTA-332 昼下がり町内会!若妻たちのちょっと危険でかなりHな王様ゲーム!!12 母の代理で参加した町内会の集まりでまさかの展開!若い時に王様ゲームをした事が無いという話で盛り上がった奥様方が急に「王様ゲームやりたい!」と言い出したんです。

English: HUNTA-332 Neighborhood Association In The Afternoon!A Pretty Dangerous King Like Game With Young Women ‘s Danger! It Is!12 Naked Evolution At A Group Of Neighborhood Associations Who Participated On Behalf Of My Mother!The Wife Who Was Excited By The Story That He Had Never Played The King When He Was Young Suddenly Wants To “play The King’s Game!”I Said That.

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