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Japanese: GS-266 飲み会から酔っ払って帰って来た妹の無防備なパンツ丸出し姿にソソられ我慢の限界!介抱するフリして股間を触ると感じ始め…彼氏と間違えたのか半分寝ながらもベロキスを求めてきたので最後までしてやりました!!

English: GS-266 The Limit Of The Patience In The Unprotected Pants Bareback Appearance Of The Sister Who Came Home Drunk From Drinking Party!I Started To Feel That I Had To Feel Care And Touch The Crotch … I Went To The End Because I Asked For Berokis While Sleeping Half Whether I Was Wrong With My Boyfriend! !

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