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Japanese: GS-235 コスプレイベントの会場のトイレで僕の後に入ってきたヤツの様子がおかしい…個室は全て故障中、小便器の前で何やらモジモジ、異変を感じ股間を見るとチ○チンがない!?!「女子トイレに行け!」と言うと「オ、オレ男だから!」と言い張りながらも無念のお漏らし!

English: GS-235 The Appearance Of The Guy Who Came In After Me At The Cosplay Event ‘s Toilet Is Strange … All The Private Rooms Are Out Of Order, In Front Of The Urinal, Something Moromogi, Feeling Something Wrong And Seeing The Crotch There Is Not A Chicken! What? ! “Go To The Ladies’ Restroom! “It Says “Oh, Ore Man!”Although Insisting Despair, Leakage!

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