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Japanese: GDHH-088 仮病で学校を休んだ私を心配して幼馴染の男の子がお見舞いに来たんです!仮病を隠そうと霧吹きで体中汗だくにして、体温計で高熱を偽装したら幼馴染は完全に騙されて大慌て!私が病院だけは行きたくないと言ったら、とりあえず体の汗を拭くと言い出したので仕方なく…

English: GDHH-088 A Childhood Friend Boy Came To See Me Worried About Me Who Was Absent From School With A Sick Sickness!Trying To Conceal A Sick Sickness By Spraying In The Body With A Sprayer, If You Disguise High Heat In A Thermometer, Childhood Friend Is Completely Deceived And Panicked!If I Said That I Do Not Want To Go To The Hospital, I Told Him To Wipe The Sweat Of The Body For The Time Being, So It Can Not Be Helped …

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